The Beekeeper’s Wife

No, I am not a beekeeper, but I do hear a lot about beekeeping! And I can even carry on a fairly decent conversation on the subject myself. Bees are truly amazing but even more amazing are the beekeepers we have met during our journey.  I am also intrigued by all the peripheral aspects of bees.  Jerry’s got the nuts and bolts of beekeeping covered (no, I’m not calling him a nut!) and what he doesn’t know he can get an answer or send one in the right direction for answers.  That’s one nice thing about beekeeping…there are so many different opinions and viewpoints and most are valid. It seems I am always running across interesting little tidbits about bees that I’d like to pass on.  Someone may find them interesting.

I teach second grade in Rapid City and my classroom is decorated in bee “stuff” from name tags, to welcome banners and everything in-between.  I get lots of stuffed bees for presents from my kiddos.  One of my favorite authors is Patricia Polacco.  I use her books as mentor texts as well as always having her books on hand for recreational reading.  She writes, as many good authors do, about her heritage, her personal life and her family.  Two books in particular stand out to me.  Patricia Polacco struggled with dyslexia as a child and her book Thank You, Mr. Falker tells of her struggle.  The story starts with her being excited to go to kindergarten so she could learn to read.  Her grandfather takes a book and pours honey on it and tells her to taste the honey.  After she does, he tells her that honey is sweet  just as knowledge is sweet but you must work to get it.  And so she started her educational career with hope to gain the sweetness of knowledge.

The other book by Polacco I enjoy is The Bee Tree. Again, Trish, as a little girl, follows bees to their honey tree, gathering a delightful collection of townsfolk as they go.  Again, the theme is that reading is important and as sweet as honey.

So, you have kids or grandkids (or just like good books) check out books by Patricia Polacco.

Next time I think I will share some recipes. I am not that accomplished a cook but I am fortunate to have friends that are!

One comment on “The Beekeeper’s Wife

  1. Douglas D. MacArthur says:

    I work with your son, Joel. He and I work together here at Point Thomson for Doyon Associated, LLC. He told me about his dad becoming a beekeeper. I moved to Hawaii after living my whole life in Alaska. I am interested in bees and I would like to get my son (12yrs) interested if we can get past his fears & mom’s concerns about bees. Just thought I’d drop a line. Your website is now on my “favorites” list. Good luck!

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