We missed a lot of the swarm activity this year since we were in Alaska for a month. However, we have been told that many people captured swarms–either their own or others–with good success. The Black Hills Wannabe Hobby Beekeepers club has a good network of people, both those who will capture and those who would like to receive a captured swarm.  This works well for everyone. We have received several calls recently from outlying areas about swarms.  Of course, not all calls turn out to be honey bees, especially this time of year.  Many are wasps and even bumble bees.  The good thing is: people are calling first before destroying.  Education is working!  Another good thing is that we have so many club members in so many areas that we can respond quickly.  This, too, is good for everyone and is excellent public relations.  So, in this regard, the club is serving a very important community service.  Thanks to all of you!