Cat #            Product                             Page  Unit    Cost

ADR-100    4-Frame Nuc  (2017)                                                                 Ea.        $125.00

ADR-110    3 Pound- Package  (2017)                                                         Ea.        $135.00

ADR-101  Complete 10 Frame bee hive with bees              Ea.   $610.00

ADR-120     Complete 8 frame bee hive with bees                                 Ea.          $560.00

ADR-130     Top bar hive, assembled with bees                                      Ea.           $480.00

ADR-131      Top Bar hive unassembled, w/o bees                                  Ea.           $340.00

FD-357   Bee-Pro patties                      51   Ea.    $ 3.00
HD-587   9 Frame spacing tool, Stainless      54   Ea.    $20.00

HD-660       Bee Brushes                                                                     52        Ea.            $6.00
HD-665       Bee escapes                                                                     98         Ea.            $3.00
Call               Book, Bee Keeping for dummies                                            Ea.            $18.00
FR-395         Bottom bars, grooved                                                                Ea.            $0.50
WW-310      Bottom Board                                                                 39          Ea.            $16.00
HK-180        10 frame Brood box, assembled,  w/frames           14         Ea.            $60.00

HK-580       8 frame Brood box, assembled, w/frames               12          Ea              $54.00
KD-700      10 frame  Brood box, unassembled,  wo/frame     20          Ea.             $20.00

KD-787       8 frame Brood box, unassembled,  wo/ frames      20         Ea               $20.00
DC-800        Check Mite treatment                                                   75          Ea.             $3.60
FN-720         Right Cell foundation, 5 5/8″                                      28          Ea.             $1.30
FN-700        Right Cell foundation, 8 1/2″                                      28          Ea.             $1.50
WW-355      Entrance Reducers                                                          39          Ea.             $1.50
HD-630       Frame grips                                                                        53          Ea.             $10.00
HD-185        Frame inserts, eyelets , 110 ct.                                    33          Pk.             $7.00
HD-175        Frame pins , 100 ct.                                                        33           Pk.            $8.00
HD-135        Frame wire                                                                         34     Spool            $9.45
WW-920     Frames, Assembled, 6 1/4″ w/fdn Rite cell              17           Ea.              $3.80
WW-900     Frames, Assembled, 9 1/8″ w/fdn Rite Cell             17           Ea.              $3.80
FR-811        Frames, unassembled, 6 1/4″, grooved TB               27          Ea.               $1.40
FR-911        Frames, unassembled, 6 1/4″, wedged TB                27          Ea.              $1.50
FR-801       Frames, unassembled, 9 1/8″, grooved TB               27          Ea.              $1.40
FR-921       Frames, unassembled, 9 1/8″, wedged TB                27          Ea.              $1.60
FD-100       Front feeders, Boardman                                             90           Ea.              $4.00
DC-105       FumagItin B                                                                    80            g                $20.00
HD-155      Fume board                                                                      96          Ea.               $15.00
CL-147       Gloves Large                                                                  136          Pr.                $26.00
CL-146       Gloves Medium                                                             136          Pr.                $26.00
CL-145       Gloves Small                                                                  136          Pr.                $26.00
CL-148       Gloves X-Large                                                              136         Pr.                $26.00
CL-149       Gloves XX-Large                                                           136          Pr.                $24.00
HD-588     Hive tools                                                                         64          Ea.                 $7.00
HH-606     Honey gate                                                                      118         Ea.                $10.00

DC-165      Honey robber                                                                  96           Pt.                 $ 17.00
FD-855     Pro feeders 1/ gal                                                           89            Ea.                 $8.00
FD-555     Pro feeders w/ Cap & Ladder 1 /gal                           89           Ea.                 $10.00
FD-820     Pro feeders 1 1/2/ gal                                                    89            Ea.                 $8.00
FD-525     Pro feeders w/ Cap & Ladder 1 1/2/gal                     89            Ea.                 $10.00
FD-840     Pro feeders 2/ gal                                                          89            Ea.                 $8.00
FD-545     Pro feeders w/ Cap & Ladder 2 /gal                          89            Ea.                 $10.00
WW-243   Inner cover, assembled                                              37            Ea.                  $13.00
FR-385     Large Frame Sides w/holes                                                         Ea.                 $ 0.55
CL-250     Leg Straps                                                                         133          Pr.                 $ 4.00
HK-200    Medium boxes, assembled,  w/frames                    12           Ea.                $54.00
WW-605   Medium boxes, unassembled, . Wo/frames          16           Ea.                 $13.50
WW-380   Moisture board                                                               37          Ea.                 $ 7.00
HD-591     Mouse guards                                                                   35          Ea.                 $ 5.00
FD-350     Pro health feeding stimulate                                       86          Pt                  $22.00
HD-125     Queen Excluders                                                              35          Ea.                $ 3.00
AD-001     Queens                                                                                              Ea.                   Call      Small Sides w/holes                                                                                          Ea.                  $ 0.55
HD-555     Smokers                                                                             56           Ea.                 $37.00
HD-650    Stainless frame perch                                                   32           Ea.                 $22.00
CV-310     Suits Large                                                                        130          Ea.                 $85.00
CV-305     Suits Medium                                                                   130         Ea.                 $85.00
CV-300     Suits Small                                                                        130         Ea.                 $85.00
CV-315     Suits X-Large                                                                    130         Ea.                 $85.00
CV-320     Suits XX-Large                                                                130         Ea.                 $85.00
CV-325     Suits XXX-Large                                                              130         Ea.                 $85.00      CV-500     Suits Childs 6-10                                                            132         Ea.                 $99.00
HD-376     Swarm Lure                                                                      45          Ea.                  $3.00
HD-715     Telescoping covers, Ultimate cover                         36          Ea.                  $35.00
WW-289    Telescoping covers, w/metal top                             36          Ea.                  $41.00

WW-754    Garden hive cover                                                        36           Ea.                 $70.00
FR-390      Top Bars, grooved                                                          18          Ea.                 $ 0.60
FR-391      Top Bars, Wedge                                                             18           Ea.                 $ 0.60
FD-109      Top Feeders Screens w/screws                                 46           Ea.                 $16.00
HD-465     Uncapping Scratchers                                                  65          Ea.                  $ 7.00
FN-261     Wax-wired foundation, w/ hooks, 8 3/8″              23           Ea.                 $ 1.30
FN-235     Wax-wired foundation, w/hooks, 5 5/8″                23           Ea.                  $1.00
WT-145     Winter covers Snug                                                       33           Ea.                  $10.00
WT-150    Winter covers X large                                                    33           Ea                 . $10.00
HD-145     Wire imbedding wheels                                               26           Ea.                  $10.00


33 comments on “Pricing

  1. Tom allen says:

    Jerry, I think the Italian bee has the i missing in the name. Thought you would like to know.

  2. Tami DesJarlais says:

    What does a complete hive include

  3. Greeg Temple says:

    Jerry are you still active and in business in the Rapid City area? 12/2/13

  4. Chelsea Iron Cloud says:

    Hi Jerry
    Just reading up all the information I can find, So be prepaired for some great questisons. I’ll be making a couple houses this weekend and was wonder if there was a certain brand or mix you perfered?

  5. Don Curtis-Gillette Wy says:

    Jerry, do you sell nucs?
    Don Curtis

  6. jerrysbees says:

    you down for two nucs Don. I require payment in March to hold the order. I have Minnesota Hygienic and Italian bees.

  7. Walt Campbell says:

    Jerry, what’s the difference between bee patties and pro health feeding stimulant?

  8. Walt Campbell says:

    How do I order from the website?

  9. Melissa Yuhas says:

    Do you ever do guest speaking to elementary age children? I am running a few programs this summer and will be having the students do a 6 week project on the importance of bees in the area. It would be neat to have you come in and speak with them as a kick off for the project.

    • jerrysbees says:

      I do give talks to elementary-age children. My wife just retired from teaching second grade and I would give a yearly presentation, including an observation hive, to her class and others. I have also presented at other schools both elementary and middle school. I would be delighted to give a presentation to your group! Let me know when and where so I can schedule it. Thank you for addressing this important topic! It is especially important to inform our young people as to the benefits of bees (and other pollinators) and the problems they are facing. Again, thank you. Jerry Owens

  10. Melissa yuhas says:

    Thank you so much! I will get you the day and time asap

  11. Don Curtis says:

    Jerry, kind of early but if I can I’d like to order 3 Nucs.
    Thank Don Curtis

  12. Darci Edwards says:

    Hi Jerry! Id like to order a nuc and 1 queen for this spring 2017.
    Thanks Darci Edwards

  13. Alice Trussell says:

    Hello Jerry. I would like to order 2 nucs. Please email the address to send the check.

    I purchased one last year. Sadly, I lost the hive this winter. I used an insulting cover to protect from the bitter cold we have in this area. However, I did not have the air circulation needed. Also they went into the winter with very low honey reserves. The drought was very severe. The foliage went dormant quite early. I supplemented with 3 patties last october. I decided to check the amount of feed still in the hive on a fairly warm day in January. When I opened the hive I noticed mold growing on the frames. There were many dead bees in the hive base and the honey was completed depleted. The patties were partially eaten. I think the insulating cover was put on too snug which caused too much moisture in the hive. Also the fluctuating temps from sub zero to sunny and 50 degrees may have over heated the hive due to the black plastic cover.

    I am disappointed and sad at the loss of the hive, but not discouraged. My garden was very productive due to the pollinating from the hive. I have much to learn, but will keep plugging along.

    Alice Trussell
    1763 Hwy 24
    Hulett, WY 82720

  14. Natalie says:

    HI Jerry,

    I am currently getting ready to venture into my first year of beekeeping. I was just wondering if you still have some nucs that haven’t been spoken for, what your price is for them, and when they would be ready.

    Thank you in advance for your time and information.


  15. Natalie wolfskill says:

    Hi Jerry,

    I would like to place an order for two nucs. Please let me know how I can pay for these.

    Thank you,

    Natalie Wolfskill

  16. Carol Giannonatti says:

    Jerry, We are new to beekeeping, started with a swarm from the roof of an old house. They did well all summer and we were able to harvest about 4 gallons of honey. Unfortunately, the winter was to cold and the bees did not survive. I wondered if you would still have a nuc and queen available for this spring. We live in Harding County.
    Thank you. Carol Giannonatti

    • jerrysbees says:

      Thanks for the inquiry Carol. I believe we do still have a nuc available although we are right at the sold out point. A nuc comes with a laying queen; do you want an additional queen? I will have Jerry get back with you as soon as he gets over this “stuff” that he is down with.

      • Carol Giannonatti says:

        Jerry, I have never heard back about purchasing a nuc and wondered if any are available yet? I would still like to purchase one. If you no longer have any, would you know of another source to purchase from? Thank you for your assistance. Carol Giannonatti

        Sent from my iPad


  17. Carol Giannonatti says:

    We don’t need another queen but would love the nuc if available. Let me know if it is available and I will take care of payment. Thanks so much!

    • jerrysbees says:

      Carol, sorry about the delay in answering your post. I do have you down for one nuc of bees. They will get into Rapid City on the 5th of may as it stands now. Hope the weather is with us. I will keep you posted on where we are as we get closer to the 5th. The cost of the nuc is $ 125.00, please send a check for them.
      Thanks you for the post and the business.
      Please send me your phone # and an address.

      • Carol Giannonatti says:

        Do I send the check to the Canyon Lake address? Looking forward to hearing from you about delivery. Carol Giannonatti

      • Carol Giannonatti says:

        Carol Giannonatti. 13598 Ludlow Rd. Ludlow, SD 57755 701-206-0201.

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