We’re Back!

So, we are home from our month-long visit to Alaska, seeing friends and relatives.  What a superb trip! All stars were aligned for this one!  The weather cooperated throughout the visit even giving us two full days of a perfect view of Mt McKinley, which is rare.  Jason and Katie even took a flight seeing trip around McKinley, Foraker, and Hunter, landed on a glacier for a 74 degree snow ball fight.  We made it to the cabin at Bear Island for about four days which was awesome.  Again, the weather cooperating by having the day breeze keep the mosquitos down. The loons, eagles, Steller Jay, otters and seals all came to say hello. We spent several more days in Homer catching up with friends and doing some fishing then moved on to Anchorage.  In Anchorage we stayed with our granddaughter Kassie , husband Nate, and new English Yellow Lab, Yuki,  which was delightful. Lots of good food, drink, laughter, and conversation


Mt. McKinley


Coming home to Homer

Coming home to Homer

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