Patty’s Wax Melter- Parts 1 and 2

Well I had a first the other day.  I made a solar wax melter.  It is still a work in progress but I am getting there.  I took an old cooler and painted the inside black. I then took two plastic strainers (of different sizes) and using a piece of window screen on the top one and a paint strainer on the bottom one. I cut some plexiglass to fit the top and  proceeded to add wax Jerry had collected in an old coffee can.  It would have worked well if several things didn’t happen:  First, I left the little flap for emptying water open, and there was a lot of honey in the wax jar as well that ran out of the cooler; second, it got so hot the bottom strainer collapsed; third, the strainer that collapsed got stuck in the pan I put in (the second run) to catch the honey. The bees will get to clean that up.   So today I trying again.  The same set up but with metal strainers.  More to follow on this experiment.

Patty's Wax Melter

Patty’s Wax Melter

Second Try

Second Try

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