Latest at Rosebud

Friday the 30th of August I traveled to Rosebud to look at their hives. They have ten (10) hives, five (5) from 2012 and another five (5) from 2013. When I was there in July the hives were doing quite well with a couple of exceptions. I fully expected to see several honey supers full of honey, but was surprised when the hives were in about the same shape as they were a month ago. There were signs of clover and other wildflowers, the bees were bringing in pollen

Our path forward is to start feed them sugar water and set up a water supply near the hives. We hope that this will stimulate them to start producing honey. The hives were all quite active with lots of bees. There is no sign of disease, and plenty of brood. So there is hope for most of the hives and we will get some honey this fall.


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