Welcome to ADR Bees.  I’m Jerry Owens of Rapid City, SD.  I began keeping honey bees in my spare time several years ago and I actively work to promote beekeeping throughout the Black Hills, western South Dakota, and eastern Wyoming, by educating the public about the benefits and joys of honey bee keeping.

There is nothing greener than a bee and they are instrumental to our food supply.  Aproximately 30% of everything we eat comes in contact somewhere in the food chain.  The loss of bees (through Colony Collapse Disorder and other maladies) poses a greater ecological threat than global warming.  So the more hobby beekeepers we have, the more pollination of gardens and crops.

I teach new beekeepers through ‘on the job’ training — I work with them to setup and manage their hives.  I also sell bees and beekeeping supplies.  ( refer to the equipment page.  As I tell people, all you need is a backyard and ADR Bees.

I founded the Wannabee  Hobby Beekeepers club in the fall of 2009 hoping to get people in the Black Hills area raising honey bees.  Since then, and as ofaugust, 2013, about 200 people are involved with the club.

4140 Canyon Lake Dr.

Rapid City, SD 57702

Phone:  (605)381-9986

Hobby Beekeeping

This is a site dedicated to the hobby beekeeper.

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